The Vision 2050 World Tour is for the Global Shapers, Visionary Leaders, Game Changers, Entrepreneurial Outliers, and 100 Year Thinkers shaping the future. The purpose of these events is to connect with a small group of forward-thinking inventors and innovators to discuss the opportunities shaping Society, Trade, Technology, Urbanization, Sustainability, Emerging Economies, the Future of Work, and other World Development prospects. Vision 2050 World Tour is designed to foster open dialogue between participants that may evolve into endeavors and opportunities that have the potential to shape the future in profound ways. This event is hosted and curated by Verlin Daylin for Reserve Authority.

Overview: Pathways to 2050

All participants attend this event with the understanding that the discussions that take place must be large in scale ($1B or more) so that we collectively understand we’re among a group of people who are sincere in our focus. To encourage open progress, all participants attend this event as individuals rather than in the capacity of the organization or office in which they represent, but are free to use the information and connections attained in any way they see fit.

This event will be held at a professional round-table venue and will sell out. You will be notified directly at least 45 days prior to the event date with venue information. Participants are responsible for their travel, accommodations, meals, and all other expenses beyond your purchase to participate in this event. Fees will increase periodically without notice. We encourage you to invite your inner-leadership and other decision-makers who are forward-thinkers.

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Attend – Los Angeles / July 15, 2020

Attend – San Diego / August 26, 2020

Attend – San Francisco / September 9, 2020

Attend – Phoenix / September 16, 2020

Attend – Denver / September 23, 2020

Attend – Portland / September 30, 2020

Attend – Seattle / October 7, 2020

Attend – Austin / October 21, 2020

Attend – Dallas / October 22, 2020

Attend – Atlanta / October 26, 2020

Attend – Miami / October 28, 2020

Attend – Chicago / November 2, 2020

Attend – Boston / November 9, 2020

Attend – New York / November 10, 2020

Attend – Washington D.C. / November 16, 2020

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Upgrade to participate in the 100 Year Thinker’s World Conference in Los Angeles, July 15-16, 2020. Day 1 includes the Vision 2050 World Tour (Los Angeles). / Includes 1 Free VIP Badge to the 100 Year Thinker’s World Development Conference in Paris 2024 (Value: $7,997) and 1 Free VIP Badge to the 100 Year Thinker’s World Development Conference in Los Angeles 2028 (Value: $9,997). Total for this limited offer to Early Birds: $997

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