JULY 15-16, 2020 / LOS ANGELES

Founder Keynote by Verlin Daylin

+ Guest Speakers (Speak)

Vision 2050 World Conference is a small hyper-focused meetup for those at the forefront of tomorrow. Our core purpose is to bring Politicians, Executives, Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs, and representatives from Organizations around the world, to discuss the challenges and opportunities shaping Mankind’s future. The event will include a Sneak Peek of 20V0’s Moonshots & Megaprojects (100 Year Legacy Plan).


$297USD (Limit 10 Today only)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*
  • 1 – Visionary Seat (Reg. $5000)
  • July 15-16, 2020 – Los Angeles (Private Venue)**
  • Sneak Peek of 20V0’s Moonshots/Megaprojects (100 Year Legacy Plan)****
  • 1 Submission Voucher for a trip to Space (before 2030)*****
  • 1 – Seat at 2020 Visionary Dinner (Day 1) w/ Verlin Daylin
  • 1 – Seat 2020 Visionary Lunch (Day 2) w/ Verlin Daylin
  • Priority Meet/Greet with Speakers
  • 1 Hour 1-on-1 Call w / Verlin Daylin (Schedule at event)
  • 1 – Attendee Notebook + 1 Pen
  • Your participation will impact the world
  • Access to a Community of 100 Year Thinkers

*100% Money Back Guarantee (by Reserve Authority) if your revenues do not exceed the value of the purchase price above by the year 2050. No questions asked. By attending the Vision 2050 World Conference, you acknowledge that the information provided to you will be for educational purposes only. If you do not believe you will earn back the amount of your purchase by the year 2050, you may want to reconsider attending this event. This event is for a small group of people with a 100 Year Legacy Plan looking to engage in the Moonshots and Megaprojects that will impact the future in a big way. If for some reason you absolutely have to have a refund, you have 24 hours from the time of purchase to submit your request via Reserve Authority. No refund if Attendee is a ‘NO Show’.  **Vision 2050 will be held in Los Angeles on July 15-16, 2020 at a highly private venue. Hours are 8am-2pm for Observer Seat holders and 8am-6pm for Visionary Seat holders. All seating will be curated by the event organizer for maximum engagement ***We fully support the 2050 World Jubilee and the Acceleration of the United Nations Global Goals. **** Complimentary Sneak Peek of 20V0 Moonshots & Megaprojects (100 Year Legacy Plan). ***** This offer is only available to Visionary Seat holders, you must attend the Vision 2050 World Conference to submit your Voucher for this opportunity. 1 random guest from this event will be selected to go to Space with Verlin Daylin (by 2030), as part of awareness for the 2050 World Jubilee. As an official flight crew member, you will also receive a custom-fitted 20V0 space suit, flight badge, flight certificate, flight coin, flight bag, flight luggage, and a $1,000 credit courtesy of Verlin Daylin to spend in the 20V0 store. (Boarding pass will be non-transferable, and a flight liability waiver will be required.)

20V0 is the Universal Sponsor of 2050